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Waking up to the sound of chirping of birds in the mountain Smoky Mountains of North Carolina... What could be better than that?

Come spend the day with us and spend the night in your own tiny house!

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Welcome To Our Tiny House

Our tiny house is nestled at the top of our farm along the most picturesque portion of our creek. Tiny waterfalls and beautiful, moss-lined pools are your view from the front deck. A small kitchen will allow you to cook simple meals and enjoy the produce that we will share with you. Two beds will allow for two couples to come as a team, or a small family to enjoy a stay at the farm. Lots of windows make you feel like you are outside, even while you sit and enjoy a good book and a cup of tea from the sitting area. 

tiny house window
tiny house view
tiny house interior

Our tiny house is an excellent example of sustainable building. The structure is on a platform instead of a traditional foundation, allowing for the hillside to be natural below the home and not disrupt the flow of water over the land. We did not create a scar on the earth to build this home. We utilized salvaged windows, keeping all those amazing windows out of the waste stream and reducing our cost. We are utilizing many native woods for the furniture and stairs inside, trees that grew here on the mountain and were harvested and milled on our land. We have also used salvaged marble, granite, and tile to reduce the footprint of our little home in the woods. No VOC paints or harsh chemicals will be used in finishing the space, and only natural cleaning products will be used, creating a safe environment for people with chemical sensitivities or a desire to reduce exposure. The SunMar toilet allows us to responsibly process wastes and keep our lives tied directly to the biological cycle on the mountain. The water in the home is spring water (we provide bottled drinking and cooking water) and our indoor/outdoor shower will allow you to experience an amazing natural cleansing that you will never forget. 

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Floor Plan for the Tiny House

We hope to start booking farm stays and experiences in Fall 2021. You will be able to come and stay with us to just get away. We are located near the Great Smoky Mountains, Blue Ridge Parkway, a multitude of mountain biking trails, and many amazing rivers for kayaking, trout fishing, and swimming. It is truly an outdoorsperson’s paradise. You can also fully immerse yourself in a sustainable experience by working alongside us in the gardens and shop, learning how we do what we do. It will give you an excellent opportunity to see what sustainable living is really like, without making a huge commitment of starting your own farm. You can come to learn skills including gardening, composting and soil building, farm to table cooking, canning and food preservation, blacksmithing, and welding. We look forward to sharing our lives with you and your family and helping you get back to where you should be.

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