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Come and visit the farm and learn practical living skills from experienced instructors. We offer farm tours to give you ideas for your farm/homestead dreams. If you want to go deeper, we offer classes in gardening, blacksmithing and welding, food preservation, farm to table cooking, and other skills. Classes are provided for groups and for individuals. Classes are in our outdoor classroom space and occur during the good weather months of the year.

**2021 classes have been delayed due to CV-19 pandemic. We will start back up with our full offerings in June. Until then we will be offering socially distanced private classes and workshops for groups of up to five people. Contact us to schedule a class or with any questions. 

making biscuits

Farm To Table Cooking

Learn how to grow, harvest, and cook your own produce. You won’t worry about having too much food and wasting your hard work and lovely produce. Learn unique and new ways to prepare vegetable and fruits in a fun atmosphere. Be ready to get dirty and eat some good food with these classes. Sara is currently working on a cookbook, so be ready to try out some new recipes and experience farm cooking as nature intended. Our classes are offered on our farm, and the kitchen is located outside for a full immersion experience in farm living.  

homemade pickles from Sustainabillies

Food Preservation

Learn the basics of food preservation from drying and fermenting to freezing and canning. Get some hands-on experience in preparing foods for preservation and selection of different varieties of veggies or fruits to create the preserved foods you want.  

Special courses will be offered on hot water bath canning and pressure canning methods where students will go through the process to prepare a food item to preserve. Students will learn to create beautifully preserved foods to enjoy for years to come. See a functional can room with over 100 gallons of various foods and learn how to store and categorize your foods for long term food security and enjoyment 

harvesting colorful chard tunnel


Learn how to design a garden, choose which varieties to grow, build healthy soils, implement your plan, and follow through with care and harvest. Various classes cover all of the stages of gardening depending on the season and available garden space at Two Trees Farm. Learn from growers with over 30 years of combined experience in growing food for both self-nourishment and small market growing.  

Sara canning

Homesteading & Sustainable Living Skills

Are you interested in learning how to live more sustainably? We would love to impart some of our knowledge about what we do on our farm. We teach one-on-one or group classes in skills ranging from planning and permaculture to farm repairs and implementing your dreams.  

Sara using torch

Welding and Blacksmithing

Have you always wanted to learn how to work with metal? We offer flexible schedules and affordably priced classes for individuals and small groups on basic welding and smithing techniques from an experienced instructor with a degree in welding. Our shop is located on the farm, offering you the ability to get hands-on experience in creating your own tools and having your own shop for farm/homesteading purposes. Learn metal-working techniques, how to set up a shop, and how to acquire/make tools needed for the tasks of sustainable living. Contact us for information about classes. 

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