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OFFICIAL TOURS AT 12:00 and 3:00

Come and visit the farm and learn practical living skills from experienced instructors. We offer farm tours to give you ideas for your farm/homestead dreams. If you want to go deeper, we offer classes in gardening, blacksmithing and welding, food preservation, farm to table cooking, and other skills. Classes are taught in our treehouse and outside on the farm with hands on experiences to back up the wealth of knowledge you will gain. Class capacity is 6-10 students, so make sure to secure your spot today. Private classes available.
Times for classes are set when they get closer, but are generally in the afternoons. Stay tuned for new offerings!

making biscuits

Farm To Table Cooking

Learn how to grow, harvest, and cook your own produce. You won’t worry about having too much food and wasting your hard work and lovely produce. Learn unique and new ways to prepare vegetable and fruits in a fun atmosphere. Be ready to get dirty and eat some good food with these classes. Sara is currently working on a cookbook, so be ready to try out some new recipes and experience farm cooking as nature intended. Our classes are offered on our farm, and the kitchen is located outside for a full immersion experience in farm living.  

Cooking Basics for Cooking Fresh; June 22, $50 ($90/couple); 

              Get some hands-on experience working with fresh foods and practicing the basic skills needed for fresh cooking. We will learn how to use garden produce in unique and different ways to help you
maximize the goodness from your garden and market. There will be vigorous discussion of a variety of foods and preparations. Bring a notebook and an apron if you really want to dive into the kitchen demonstrations. 


 Cast iron cooking; August 10, $50 ($90/couple); 

              Learn about how to care for your cast iron and how to cook three different dishes using cast iron techniques on cast pieces from my grandmother’s kitchen. Bring a cast iron skillet that needs some love and we can help teach you how to clean it up and season it properly. With the right care, a cast iron skillet will last several lifetimes. Late summer is when many of the favorite and most iconic veggies grace to the plate. Eating fresh is oh so easy with so many delicious choices of fresh veggies. A concise menu will be provided closer to the actual date of the class based on what is available on the farm. Get ready to learn how to use that cast iron to make your grandma proud. 


homemade pickles from Sustainabillies

Food Preservation

Learn the basics of food preservation from drying and fermenting to freezing and canning. Get some hands-on experience in preparing foods for preservation and selection of different varieties of veggies or fruits to create the preserved foods you want.  

Special courses will be offered on hot water bath canning and pressure canning methods where students will go through the process to prepare a food item to preserve. Students will learn to create beautifully preserved foods to enjoy for years to come. See a functional can room with over 100 gallons of various foods and learn how to store and categorize your foods for long term food security and enjoyment 

Jams, and Jellies, and Chutneys oh my; July 13, $50 ($90/couple); 

               Midsummer is when some of our favorite fruits come pouring in. We will make a preserve with fresh fruits, as well as do a hot water bath canning. Everyone will get to sample some classic and unconventional treats and take home a jar of goodness to share. This class will give practical advice on what kinds of fruits you can grow as well as the tastiest ways to prepare those fruits and preserve them for later use. Get ready to enjoy summer at its fullest!

Putting up the Harvest; August 24, $50 ($90/couple); 

             Learn food preservation techniques for several common garden veggies including tomatoes and beans. We will cover a variety of techniques including freezing, drying, fermentation, pickling, and hot water and pressure canning. A canning demo will wrap it all up, and everyone will get to enjoy some samples. We will not only get to talk about the pleasure of eating but about the cultural and ecological significance of your food choices. Learn about eating in season, and how careful preservation can extend that season throughout the year.  

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Learn how to design a garden, choose which varieties to grow, build healthy soils, implement your plan, and follow through with care and harvest. Various classes cover all of the stages of gardening depending on the season and available garden space at Two Trees Farm. Learn from growers with over 30 years of combined experience in growing food for both self-nourishment and small market growing. 

Gardening in the Mountains; Planning and planting for success, May 12, 1-3, $15; Sign up for
gardening and soil class for $25

            This class will help you be more successful gardening in the unique climate of WNC.  We will talk about garden varieties that will do well in the mountains. The class will discuss how to cultivate healthy soils to encourage vigorous plants and using integrated pest management to keep them strong. We will explore basic garden maintenance, space saving techniques, and boosting pollinators. We will talk about the basics of botany, ecology, and permaculture to create harmonious goals with a practical plan for a low maintenance space that is fruitful and beautiful. 

 A pre or post class farm tour will be provided for class attendees during the month of May from 12-1:00 or 3-4:00. Come for a class and shop for healthy, appropriate plants for your garden.


Gardening in the Mountains, Building dynamic soils, May 19, 1-3:00, $15; Sign up for both soil and a gardening class for $25; 

             Get hands on instruction in building natural soils. Most of WNC has lost much of its topsoil due to poor land management over the last 200 years. It takes at least 100 years to build one inch of topsoil in nature, up to 500 years to get fertile soil. We can speed up that process by providing organic matter, the right soil microbes, and fungi. Get information and hands on experience with our proven techniques. Be ready to get dirty and go home inspired. 

A pre and post farm tour will be provided for class attendees from 12-1:00 or 3-4:00. Come for class and shop for healthy, appropriate plants for your garden. 


The Art of Herbs; September 7 and 28, $25 (couples $35);

               Enjoy a cup of tea and have a walk about our farm and get herby. We will discuss
growing fresh herbs, making homemade teas, syrups, and cooking with herbs. Get ready to taste some unusual flavors and explore the pairing of herbs with all kinds of foods. Bring your favorite mug and be ready to enjoy a fresh new adventure.

Sara canning

Homesteading & Sustainable Living Skills

Are you interested in learning how to live more sustainably? We would love to impart some of our knowledge about what we do on our farm. We teach one-on-one or group classes in skills ranging from planning and permaculture to farm repairs and implementing your dreams.  

Sustainable Living Made Easier; TBA, $20 (couples $35); 

               Enjoy a cup of tea and have a walk about our farm to discuss sustainable living. We will talk about simple techniques to incorporate ecology and permaculture into your landscape. We will also discuss appropriate technologies and which sustainable options you can take advantage of. Timing and planning are everything and getting a good idea of where to start, or continue, is best done with a warm beverage and friends. Bring pictures of your property for personalized advice

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