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About Dustin & Sara

We live on an evolving mountain homestead in Haywood County, NC. Two Trees Farm, is nestled in a high elevation valley in the Appalachian mountains. An amazing and challenging place to work towards living off the land; Our connection to nature inspires us to live lightly on the Earth and help others to do so as well.

Sara and Dustin the Sustainabillies

Labor of Love

Our adventure on the property has involved setting up gardens, orchards, installing greenhouses, preparing pastures, and building a blacksmith shop. It has been a labor of love. Our goal is to grow most of the fruits and vegetables we need from small, intensively managed, organic gardens and permaculture installations. We are solar powered, and most of the months of the year we generate more electricity than we use- putting green energy into the grid. 

Our tools and structures we build are constantly evolving. "Making things as we need them," is our motto. This results in the creation of unique items that are specially designed for sustainable living,  satisfy artistic spirits, and support a connection to the land. We offer tested tools that are designed to be functional, beautiful, and to last long enough to be an heirloom.

Sara and Dustin at farmers market
Dustin of Sustainabillies with tomatoes
Sara and Dustin Sustainabillies in garden

sharing our knowledge

After realizing the skills and knowledge we have is in high demand we decided to share our life with others.  We excel at utilizing the natural processes in the environment instead of dreaming of a property which is “perfect” and does not exist. You can create a sustainable home and gardens even if you do not inherit "farmable land." We want to share knowledge to help you live more sustainably with the right knowledge and tools, and without giving up quality of life. 

educational opportunities

Two Trees Farm hosts educational experiences in sustainability. You can learn from our journey of trying to create a sustainable mountain farm. We look forward to sharing the knowledge we have in organic gardening, blacksmithing and metal work, food preservation, and installation of native habitats. Living simply so that others can simply live is one of our favorite mottoes! We also feel that living simply extends to simply having a lot of fun, a beautiful homestead that functions to support your dreams and simply loving the land on which we live.

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