Fostering Environmental and Social Stewardship Together

Join our family as we strive to live sustainably, lighten our environmental footprint, and create an ecosystem which feeds people and feeds the Earth. We want to help you find this path, too.

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May 12, 19, and 26th from 12-4:00.


Two Trees Farm, the homestead of the Sustainabillies, is nestled in a high elevation valley of Haywood County NC. The Sustainabillies, Dustin Cornelison and Sara Martin, are makers of a wide variety of metal products including; garden tools, homestead essentials, functional art, hand forged knives, and furniture. We grow and sell organic produce and  plants. The Appalachian Mountains are an amazing and challenging place to work towards living off the land. Learn from us, share with us, and experience sustainable living with onsite classes and experiences.

Sara and Dustin Sustainabillies white lily center flower garden

We live on an evolving mountain homestead in Haywood County NC. Two Trees Farm, is nestled in a high elevation valley in the Appalachian mountains. An amazing and challenging place to work towards living off the land. Our connection to nature inspires us to live lightly on the Earth and help others to do so as well.

Meet Dustin & Sara

Dustin Sustainabillies behind epic metal fire

Dustin Corneilson

Dustin Cornelison grew up riding a BMX bike in southern California, a far stretch from the mountains of Western North Carolina. He moved to Kentucky as a young man where he and Sara met and fell in love while kayaking in their early twenties. When Sara and Dustin moved to WNC, he started pursuing sustainable home remodeling and welding. He graduated with a degree in welding and a certificate in appropriate technology from Haywood Community College and started the business Sustainabilles as a metal fabrication and blacksmithing shop focused on sustainable applications of metalwork. Dustin has taught classes in welding and metal fabrication and design at Haywood Community college and loves to share his knowledge of metallurgy with others. He is also the official fixer-upper and maintenance person at Two Trees Farm, relying on his ingenuity and creativity to fix just about everything from electrical and construction projects, to Farm and greenhouse work. His most ambitious project to date is our tree house, which he designed and is building himself.  

Sara Martin

Sara Martin grew up in the Appalachian Mountains and has been intrigued by biology from a very young age. She pursued a degree in Wildlife Management at Eastern Kentucky University and a Masters Degree in Biology at Western Carolina University with an emphasis in ecosystem dynamics and botany. A college professor for 16 years, Sara enjoyed teaching others about how the living world works around us. Sara left teaching to be a full time farmer, artist, and sustainability educator in the community. Having established a functioning homestead that provides over 60% of her family’s food year-round, and produces a weekly CSA box for 20 other families during the growing season, Sara seeks to share her knowledge of applied ecology, sustainable living, and organic farming with others. As a native of Appalachia, she fully embraces and values mountain traditions. As an ecologist, she thinks globally and lives responsibly. As a culinary artisan, she uses a wide variety of techniques and flavors to create eclectic blends of foods that are wholesome, flavorful, and locally grown. Besides being an avid environmentalist and farmer, Sara is an artist, kayaker, and a mom. Whether creating a culinary experience, blacksmithing a garden arbor, or planting an herb bed, Sara expresses her love of nature in everything she does. 

Sara harvesting radishes

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